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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our BIG news!!

Well, if you follow me on instagram, you saw this morning that our lives are about to change...in a real big way ;)

Our first little Rosebud will be arriving this Fall, and I seriously don't know if we've ever been more thrilled about anything in our entire lives. Keeping this secret the last 3 months has been the HARDEST THING OF MY LIFE! Actually, the endless puking has been, but secret keeping has been a close 2nd. ;)

Because i've been so absent here on the blog the last 12 weeks, I thought i'd fill you in on what has been goin' down...

February 23rd, 2015, I peed on the stick like I had seriously 1402 times before, but this time I knew it was going to be negative. I was starting to feel a little hopeless, and I knew that if I just told myself it would be negative, it would hurt a little less when it was. 

I started with one of those cheap tests you see in the check-out at Walmart for 88 cents (I had quite the pregnancy test stock-up from the months prior) and did my business, put it on the back of the toilet, and started getting ready for work. 

I had always dreamed of telling Jake some fun and exciting way that he was going to be a Dad, but after one too many times dealing with a negative on my own, Jake made me PROMISE I wouldn't take a test unless he was right there with me. (well, you know...outside the bathroom door) 

He looked at the test in the dark bathroom, didn't see the second line and came over and kissed me and said, "i'm so sorry. maybe next month."

As much as I had prepared myself for another negative, I seriously started bawling right then and there. I walked over to the bathroom to throw the test away and..bam. Second line. I said "um, Jake. There is a 2nd line here" and he screamed "NO WAY!" but by now I was shaking and crying and my emotions were so out of control all I could do was scream "GO BUY ANOTHER TEST AT WALMART!" so, like a good husband, he strolled on into Walmart at 6:00 AM and bought a pack of pregnancy tests and walked his way out ;) He said that was worse than buying tampons. 

The first test we took was the middle one, very faint, so easy to see why Jake would miss it, the second was the bottom, and that last test is at the top. After 3 different brands of tests, and 3 positives, it started to sink in, we might actually be having a baby. :) 

The next morning the digital test made it feel even more real, and we went to the doctor for some blood work to confirm...we were knocked up!

We told our families at about 5 weeks. We put Kaedyn in this T-Shirt to see how long it would take my family to notice, it took way longer than expected but it was the best reaction when they finally got it!

We were meeting Jake's parents in Kansas City the following weekend and gave them these little onesies as a surprise, and there were tears ALL around! It was such a fun reaction. I am not in control of my emotions and just thinking about it brings a tear ;)

We got to have our first Ultrasound right after 8 weeks when this little one gave us a scare and I started bleeding/cramping. We headed straight to the emergency room for the scariest few hours of my life. Luckily all was fine with our little one, and they found a cyst on my left ovary that was what caused the cramping.

We had an appointment with our OB the following Monday and everything was still looking great and this little guy/gal was measuring ahead! 

Trying to keep a pregnancy under-wraps is no joke when you're an over-sharer by nature like myself. We told almost all of our friends/family at 10 weeks when we were back home for the best wedding week ever, and I just got a little creative with trying to be sneaky ;) 

My beverage of choice the entire trip while my gals were knockin' back the cold coors light. ;) ohmygosh that makes me salivate.

Bree made me hold her drink while she gave baby a little extra lovin' ;)

Pregnancy has been nothing like I thought it would be. I thought I would be that chalk boardin', gender reveal party plannin', baby shoppin' son of a gun I had always imagined myself being, but the truth is, i've spent a lot of time with my head in the toilet or taking a nap ;) Now that we're safely in the 2nd trimester, I know the light is near and i'm just getting so stinking EXCITED to welcome this tiny little human into our home!

I've spent my entire life wanting to be a mother, so having this actually happen is very surreal. We have a little home-doppler that we can listen to baby's heartbeat on and it feels like my walkie-talkie to communicate with our plum. It's seriously amazing the overwhelming love you feel the second you see or hear that little heartbeat. I can't wait for this bump to stop looking like I ate one too many burritos, and to feel this little sweetie movin and groovin in there!

 We have our 12 week appointment on Monday, although we'll be 13 weeks by then, and it will be UNREAL to see how much this tiny gummy bear baby has grown over the last month!

This is the biggest blessing in the entire world to Jake and I, and i'm so humbled by your lovin' and prayers during the next 6 months. Bring on the stretchy pants, nursery decor, and parenting books!

Thank you from the bottom of all 3 of our hearts (4 if you count Axy-boy!)

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding

Happy Monday!

Prepare for picture OVERLOAD! After the best few weeks EVER celebrating some very special people, i'm finally back to recap our amazing time back home in San Diego and share some breath taking pictures from my Best friend's wedding. I was a bad girl and brought my DSLR all the way from Arkansas and didn't take it out of the bag a single time. There is someting to be said about just living in the moment rather than photographing every last minute. So i've got ton of iPhone photos to share, and if you're just here for some wedding eye-candy, scroll down to the bottom to get your fix :)

We landed late Friday night, and didn't waste any time because starting Saturday morning the festivities began! The bridesmaids got to throw Bree the sweetest little shower and it was the best way to kick off an awesome week and get that wedding excitement flowing.

Then the fun really began as the gals were off to Palm Springs for a ladies weekend in the Sun. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but seriously...get 8 ladies together, add sun, booze and bikinis and it's a recipe for the most fun bachelorette weekend ever!

One of the best things about being a bridesmaid is gaining some automatic besties from the bridal party. Bree had the best group of girls in her wedding, and we bonded so much over the week!

Leaving Palm Springs was bittersweet. We had so much fun but it meant W-Day was only a few short days away :)

The week came and went and before we knew it, rehearsal day was here. Can we take a minute to discuss how perfectly our rehearsal dinner dresses coordinated?! We didn't even talk to each other beforehand!

We stayed in the MOST breath taking house in wine country the night before the big day. This was the rehearsal dinner table. Can you say, DROOL!? This is what entertainer dreams are made of. It was a perfectly romantic night filled with so many anxious butterflies. 

Alright, ya'll. Sh*ts about to get real. Things are gonna get mushy real fast and you can just deal with it. Friendship is a real precious thing. Bree and Tyler have truly been family to Jake and I, and seeing them finally tie the knot was like watching your heart burst right in front of your eyes! These two have been together nine years and Bree has been saying that she would Marry Tyler since they were 15 year old Sophomores in highschool. The love the two of them share is out of control, and it truly inspires me to love Jake in a way that is bigger than anything I could ever imagine.  

Throughout the years, we've developed a "signature pose." We make sure to take one picture like this on all of our adventures and it was so cool to gather some of my favorites ending with the 2 biggest days of our lives. We have so many more but i'll spare you and just share some of the best...

Our going away party before moving to Arkansas

Dallas, TX for a weekend trip

San Diego for a quick visit before they moved to Texas

Our rehearsal dinner

Our wedding day

B + T's wedding day 

I think you can tell by the way the boys hug in all the pictures how much we all mean to each other ;) It was the most incredible week. I sat in the airport crying before we flew home wishing we could press rewind and do it all over again. If your BFF hasn't gotten married yet, prepare for the best week of your life when she does.

Now for the good stuff...B + T had the sweetest photographers, Hanna and Alexander from First and Orange, who shared some previews of the breathtaking shots they took. Grab a tissue cause #whitegirlcanteven when I look at these photos!

Do you see how Tyler looks at his Bride?! Melt me. And look at those gorgeous rings. drool.drool.drool. And i've never seen a more beautiful Bride in my life. Bree is so elegant and was radiating so much love and happiness on her big day.

As much fun as we had celebrating those two, all good things come to an end, and we're back to regularly scheduled programmin' here at Absolutely Arkansas. I've got weeks and weeks of projects to share with you, and a full week full of updates comin' at ya quick!

Here is to getting through Monday with some gorgeous eye candy. :)

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Out of Office

Well hello pretty friends!

This week has been so busy prepping for the wedding of 2 very special people to Jake & I! These crazy kids are tying the knot one week from Saturday, and we're headed home for a week of celebrating the heck out of our best friends! Having them by our side on our wedding day was the icing on that pretty white cake, and we can't wait to have the honor of standing with them on the biggest day of their lives.

At work I turn an "out-of-office" notification on, so i'm popping in to do the same for the "job" that really makes my heart sing. I didn't want to be absent without stopping in to let ya'll know where I disappeared to!

I have been the worlds worst blogger lately but I PROMISE as soon as we're back in town, i've got our office reveal coming at you, projects galore, and maybe a special announcement or two ;)

I'll be sharing all the bachelorette goodness, wedding sneak-peak's, and all sorts of San Diego fun on instagram @absolutelyarkansas so make sure you follow along if you want to keep up with our trip :)

Have an awesome weekend!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie