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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Updates Around Our Home

The problem with taking an entire unplanned week off blogging (and really just blogging so sporadically in general lately) is that I end up with a post like today's. So many words, so little time.  You see, life has hit us hard lately, and not in a bad way. Between pregnancy, home updates, full time jobs, and trying to have some lake time this summer, I can hardly keep up with which day of the week it is. 

When we purchased our home in March of 2013, it was an exceptionally affordable, brand new build house that they were just putting the finishing touches on, and being young, poor, first time home buyers, we had no plans to ask for any upgrades. We planned to change things over time, and so we had 3 things we wanted to complete within the first year, (as in, by March 2014.) We wanted to install hardwood (or laminate) flooring in the main living space, as well as our master bedroom. We wanted to have a fence installed around our property, and we wanted gutters so our planters would stop drowning every time we had a rainstorm, which in Arkansas, seems to be every other day. 

Fast forward to March 2015, and we're finally checking the last box on our first year list. Now at the end of June the floors, ARE  FINALLY DONE! And I can't even express what a miracle this feels like! Jake worked, so,so, SO hard to complete them, and I can't stop sliding around Risky Business style enjoying every moment!

I need to make it clear, this is not a reveal post. 

If it were a reveal post, I might have put our shoes back in the closet, or moved Axl's dog bed to another space. We revealed our master bedroom way back in January, (has it seriously been 6 months?!) and I said there were a few things I still had yet to check the  box on in the room. One being the floors, two being painting our cream trim white. Both have been done thanks to my hardworkin' baby daddy, and now i'm itching to change some furniture around (like our jankity headboard that still causes me eyesores) and find the perfect rug. The money spending never stops, much to the chagrin of my husband ;)

Axl is struggling through his adjustment to the new floors. A lot of changes have happened in this little guys life as of late. First of all, he slips and slides all over the place. Secondly, mom and dad have kicked him out of their bed in preparation for the new baby, and he has taken up permanent residence on the dog bed that floats around our home. It's tough being a beagle, ya'll.

We kept carpet in our guest room/office, as well as in our Son's room to keep at least some rooms soft and plush under our toesies. I also didn't clean up the dusty footprints before taking these pictures.#notarevealremember?

The living room was the real project in this whole ordeal. It took us Jake almost 2 months just to complete this room alone. Between the endless cream trim he painted, and the weird angles around the room, it truly felt like it would never end. But alas, we finally have a functioning living space again!

I need to repeat that this is not a reveal. If it was, I would have ironed the newly bleached couch cover, or fluffed the curtains. We are slowly making our way through the house, updating/decorating/and changing what we like and don't like. And it truly takes so much time. But to see how far it's come since we moved in puts a little cheesy grin on my face.

This man deserved all the corona and lime after he completed this beast of a project!

The living room still has a long way to go before her formal reintroduction. This little entry could use some styling, along with a nice fluffy rug in the doorway. 

Although she has received her new coat of fresh bright white paint, I really need to redecorate the mantle, and we'd love to re-tile the fireplace as well. All in good time! I'm learning that it is a marathon not a sprint. Living with a space and taking your time making decisions is the best thing you can do for your home. It will always be evolving, and at least in our house, no room will ever be truly "complete", but if decorating is your jam like it is mine, that is where the fun is at.

We've yet to officially decide on a coffee table or ottoman. I did find a coffee table I absolutely loved the other day, but i'm almost thinking a nice plush ottoman might fit better in the small space. What do you guys think? We've been looking for months, and i'm trying not to settle on any one thing, but I know Jake really misses having somewhere to rest his feet. (Especially after all his carpentry lately)

Lots of changes will be happening in this space that we spend 99% of our time in the next few weeks, and i'll be sharing all the steps along the way! I would love to see a plush comfy chair to the left of the couch, redo our gallery wall, update the mantel and find some long pretty curtains that tie the neutral room together. Perhaps next time you see this view, i'll actually iron out the couch cover ;)

Thank you so much for following along! For any of you curious about pregnancy updates, my 21/22 week update (including footage from our magical anatomy scan) will be up tomorrow! I can honestly say i'm feeling amazing at this part in pregnancy, except for a few embarrassing, baby-growing side effects, but to keep from rambling, i'll save the good stuff for tomorrow!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Friday, June 19, 2015

Baby Mama

Jeans: Sun & Shadow, out of stock online, similar here // Baby Mama Tee: Etsy (gifted!) // Metallic Wedges: SO old, but loving these similar gold beauties! // Bag: Kate Spade. Dying over this, on sale! // Necklace: Perry Street c/o Rocksbox

Earlier in the week I couldn't stop talking about how I was crushing it this week! I felt so proud to have 3 whole blog posts ready to go live after far too many weeks of nothing. Well here it is late in the day and i'm finally remembering to post "publish" on this little number I wore last weekend! Not so on top of life after all.

My best gal-pal Bree, (see her wedding HERE!) sent me this shirt literally RIGHT after we told her of my positive pee-stick When I first tried it on, I was swimming in it, but now that this little man is growing, i'm finding it's my favorite shirt in the entire closet! It's so soft and roomy for my belly to grow. Perfect with a pair of denim for a day of errands.

Speaking of denim, I am exclusively in Maternity pants, except these! I sized up when I bought them a few months ago hoping it would make room for my growing bump and they've been perfect.

I mentioned it on Wednesday but I can't get enough of this necklace. I wore it my entire trip to San Francisco earlier in the week (didn't puke on the plane #winning) and again today! It's so darn cute! Rocksbox sends the prettiest jewels every few weeks to my door step and it's my favorite service ever. I want you to love it as much as I do, so if you use code kyliexoxo you can try it for totally, completely, 100 perfect FREE! One whole month of as many jewels as you can imagine. The best part is, it's not a monthly box. When you're done with this set, send it back and within just a few days you'll have an entirely new collection. If you use my code above, you'll also receive 25 dollars in shine spend, that is 25 dollars of even MORE free jewelry? Talk about Happy Friday!

I hope you all have the best weekend, i'm planting my big pregnant booty in the lake and not getting out until Sunday!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

20 Week Bumpdate!

Halfway there already?! Just kidding, I think i've felt every single part of this 20 weeks. ;) I remember when we first saw those two pink lines thinking that we would never make it to 6 weeks, then 8, then 10. Each week seemed like such a milestone that was to be celebrated because our baby was that much safer inside me, and we were that much closer to meeting him! It really is crazy to be sitting here at 20 weeks halfway done! Everyone tells you that the last half of pregnancy flies by. I'm trying so hard to really enjoy these last few months of being a family of 3. Just Jake, myself, and our little bear, Axl. I'd be lying, however, if I told you that i'm not starting to get a little impatient to meet our son! I can constantly feel him moving and grooving and kicking me, and it just makes me so anxious to kiss him and squeeze his little baby bottom! (I have a thing for baby buts. watch the video below) ;)

pssst...are you as obsessed with this necklace as I am? I am DYING over my June Rocksbox ! To get your first month FREE use code kyliexoxo

How far along? 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: I'm still not quite at pre-pregnancy weight from my first trimester weight loss, but I think from 16-20 weeks i've gained 2 pounds. The weight gain has been slow in the beginning, but now that I have an actual appetite, I know those days are gone!

Maternity clothes? Almost exclusively! I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy tops, but pants and dresses basically all need to be maternity. Whoever invented the stretchy waistband needs a batch of cookies. On behalf of uncomfortable pregnant women everywhere, I salute you.

Stretch marks? none yet!

Sleep: Sleep has been excellent! This is the one thing that hasn't been any problem for me from the beginning. I can barely keep my eyes open past 9:30, and I usually need to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to use the restroom, but when I hit the sheets, I have no problem cruising to snoozetown.

Best moment this week: Tough question! I think filming/editing a video and writing 3 blog posts for the week was a major accomplishment. I literally told Jake on Monday night "I am CRUSHING it this week!" I can't tell you how many times in the last few weeks i've written full to-do lists for myself just to get in bed and say "tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow this list can wait a day" <---thats some good improv. Also, we are 98% done with home renovations for now, and i'm SO excited to finally have our house back together. Check out the Vlog below for a quick little house tour through the madness :)

Miss Anything? I can honestly say, nothing! This is the best part of pregnancy for me. I've felt pretty good and definitely have the energy I was lacking the last 5 months. I got hit with a yucky bug last week, so I did miss being able to take some medicine for relief, (cause let's be honest, Tylenol blows) but now that i'm on the mend life is good.

Movement: ALL.THE.TIME. I'm seriously convinced we have a karate master or soccer player on our hands. I had felt goldfish movements and a few subtle kicks when we had our 16 week appointment (that was closer to 17 weeks) and my doctor told us that it would probably be a month or so before we could feel those movements from the outside, well, THAT NIGHT he was moving away, and I had Jake put his hand on my belly just in case, and BOOM! One big kick! Now Jake feels him kick nightly. I'm so glad he can be a part of that, it makes it so much more real.

Food cravings: Cherry Icees! But it must be Icee brand. I have craved these since the beginning of pregnancy. I can't get enough.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been doing pretty great, but garlic and melted cheese send me straight to the toilet every single time. I am a cheese/garlic addict so it's the weirdest aversion, but I can't be anywhere near it. Italian food has basically been a curse word in our house.

Gender: Little baby boy :)

Labor Signs: No labor signs, however, last week I started getting these really uncomfortable but not painful feelings in my abdomen. For maybe 15-30 second stretches, my uterus contracts and gets SO TIGHT and HARD. Like hard as a rock. and then it releases and it's fine. I started to freak out over the weekend that something was wrong, but after speaking with my nurse she said it was likely just Braxton Hicks contractions and that my body was just getting itself in shape for labor!

Symptoms: I still have a very sensitive gag reflex, and if something smells very strong or I get very hungry I almost immediately need to throw up, but its nothing compared to the first 18 weeks so i'm doing great!

Belly Button in or out? innie still, but those days are short lived! My belly button is very obviously becoming an outie. It's so weird! 

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! so, so, SO HAPPY! Lately i've been thinking about Christmas so much, and even though our little one will be barely 8 weeks old at the time, I can't wait to show him the Christmas lights, and put him in warm Christmas jammies, and snuggle him by the fire. Everyone knows how I feel about the "ER" months, and thinking about sharing that love with my Son seriously gets me weepy. #hormones

Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan! We have it on the 25th and we will be almost 22 weeks then, but I can't wait to see him again since it's been almost 2 months, and of course, it puts your brain at so much ease knowing he is growing just as he should. 

That was pretty long winded, but i've been so bad about updating you on all things baby, so I wanted to fit it all in there! I promise these are going to become at least bi-weekly. For fun, here are the last few weeks of baby bumps as taken by my iPhone. Please don't judge the messy house in the 
background for all of them ;)

16 weeks:


 17 weeks:

18 weeks:

19 weeks:


 I also had so much fun filming my first ever pregnancy Vlog, I totally embarrass myself through the entire video, but you can get a peak at our home renovations, and get the first glimpse of our little mans's nursery!

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me! To read more on my pregnancy, click here!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie