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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

26 Weeks PREGNANT! Bumpdate + Nursery + Pediatricians!

Have I told you lately that this really is my favorite post I write all month?! There is something about reflecting on the week of pregnancy and sharing it with you that I just LOVE! I know that when I first became pregnant I also became obsessed with reading every other blogger's bumpdates, and it was so exciting to see their tummies grow and read about their symptoms along the way! So lets hop to it, shall we?

Drooling over THIS dress! Totally not baby bump friendly though :(

How far along? 26 weeks! On to 27 and the last week of the 2nd trimester, what?!

Total weight gain: 11.5 pounds from pre-pregnancy. I am guessing i'll gain around 30 pounds total by the time our little man gets here.

Maternity clothes? 100%! I actually went a little crazy on my closet last weekend because officially none of my non-maternity tops fit and I was sick of the space they were taking up in my closet! 

Stretch marks? Really scary dark purple ones on both of my hips. I still don't have any on my belly, but those hip ones are scary enough I can assure you.

Sleep:Sleep and I have a love-hate relationship right now. I'm having a really tough time getting up in the morning lately because I wake up so many times in the middle of the night to get comfortable, to pee, or because for some reason I just can't sleep. I'm definitely starting to feel 3rd trimester insomnia!

Best moment this week: I passed my glucose test, praise the Lord! We also had such a reassuring doctor's appointment. We officially graduated to appointments every 2 weeks, which I can't believe, and she told us to start interviewing pediatricians. It just seems like it's flying right now and I am SO happy because I can't wait until our little guy is here.

Miss Anything? I miss not having throbbing ribs all day every day. I am trying not to be dramatic, but every single day I feel like my ribs are being ripped apart . It's so painful!  It feels like I can't breath and this is one symptom I never expected so I was certainly not prepared for!

Movement: All the darn time! The other day he was all bulged over to one side and you could feel how hard it was, his head or bones or little baby booty and Jake got to feel him and he couldn't stop tripping out that there was a real person growing in there that he helped make. It was a sweet moment :)

Food cravings: No cravings, really.I am in love with Mexican food and spicy spicy salsa but it burns my esophagus like an inferno so I have to limit it! Pregnancy heartburn is real, ya'll. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Melted Cheese and Garlic are becoming less disgusting to me, so that is a plus! Lately after any meal I feel a little sick to my stomach, but I think that is just the pressure on my belly. Everything seems to be getting a little cozy in there ;)

Gender: A little man!

Labor Signs: Nope! I had one Braxton Hick contraction that hurt so bad in the middle of the night on Saturday. It woke me up and I started to get a little nervous, but it obviously wasn't a big deal because it never returned and I drifted right back off to sleep. For all I know, it could have just been a dream. :)

Symptoms: Rib pain, rib pain, rib pain. Anything else is so manageable but my ribs and I are not on speaking terms.

Belly Button in or out? More out than in, but she still can't make up her mind and just commit to being an innie or an outie. #afraidofcommittment

Wedding rings on or off? on! No swollen fingers for me, my ankles on the other hand...

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty darn happy. :) I'm just so excited things really seem to be moving quickly now. I can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like. Jake and I were talking about how he will laugh or smile or recognize us and it will be like we're seeing each other in this tiny little person, I can't wait for that! I happen to think I have a super hot husband, so I hope our little guy has some of those features I just love so much. 

Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to Fall and i'm not afraid to admit it! I know how annoying the blogosphere gets this time of year, but it is seven thousand degrees every day, and I can hardly wait to be in sweaters and put some pumpkins on my front porch. And of course, birth a tiny human who will hopefully share his mama's love for all things holiday. 

The past few weeks have been chalk-full of home updates, nursery work, and of course a little fun in between. I barely had any photos on my camera roll to share with you, but I grabbed what was still in my iPhone to share some of the happenings of 25/26 weeks. :) You can always follow me on instagram @absolutelyarkansas where I post almost every day!

How cute is this little coke Jake ordered for our S man?! I want to drink it but he made me promise we'd display it in his room. 

My attempt at a cute selfie in front of the wood wall in little guy's nursery. Watch the video below for another sneak peak!

I am planning on doing a full maternity-wardrobe run down for you ladies, but for now I have to say I can't get ENOUGH of ThredUP. I've been ordering a pretty blue box from them weekly. Everything is so affordable and the quality is amazing for second hand! If you use my link you  get 10 dollars so you can get to shopping. Also, use code 40NP for 40 % off your first offer. P.s. no one is paying me to say this, i'm just really obsessed! 

I can officially balance a bowl of cereal on my belly while on the phone, while taking a selfie. #lookmanohands

I mentioned the great closet-clean-out of 2015 that went down last weekend. It was out.of.control. But i'm SO glad I purged! I can't wait to capsulize my closet when the temperatures start to drop! Also, see that little blue bag in the corner by my vanity? Well, ThredUp goes both ways! You can buy adorable things, and sell adorable things, so that you can buy more adorable things! I've sent 2 bags into them already because i'm a hoarder and had way too much to get rid of ;)

That's it for weeks 25/26! There are a whole ton of updates in my Vlog below that i'm sure I forgot to mention here, and I'll take you inside little guys nursery, and you can watch me chug my disgusting glucose drink with curlers in my hair, trust me, it's a blast ;)

Thanks so much for all of your love and support, friends! If you're interested in anything else pregnancy related (including all of my previous bumpdates!) please click HERE!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Monday, July 27, 2015


So sorry to have this up so late on a Monday! Another crazy day it was, and this morning I had the great pleasure of my glucose test and blood draw, and I have to say, the drink itself wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, but the side effects were awful! I was shaking like a drug addict having withdrawls 10 minutes after I finished the drink, and that lasted up until the afternoon when I had a headache and major sugar crash. My fingers are super crossed that I pass, because I do not want to go for the 3 hour test if something turns up abnormal!

Black Jeans: PinkBlush Maternity c/o // Fedora: Forever 21 // Chambray (no longer available) loving this style and it's ON SALE! // Sandals: Old, but swooning over these // Glasses: ZeroUv // Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o // Bag: Kate Spade Claremont Drive Marcella (no longer available) but swooning for this very similar & will someone please buy me this diaper bag ?!

Jake and I had such a lovely weekend. We didn't have too many nursery projects, so we just cleaned the house, ran some errands, and floated in the Lake for hours on Sunday afternoon. This outfit has really become my weekend uniform lately, as pants are pretty much a no-go for my big belly unless they are Pinkblush Maternity! I've been living in maternity dresses for a few weeks now, like this lacey beauty or the prettiest floral dress you've ever seen, so to say I have fallen in love with a pair of maternity jeans a BIG DEAL. 

I love the black  maternity denim because it really is versatile to go from work to weekend. I've worn them with small heels and a blazer to work, and I can throw on a light chambray top and some sandals for weekend errand running, and I still feel like i'm in comfy leggings throughout the day! I know I won't stop talking about how much i'm looking forward to cooler days, but really, I can't wait to pair these with a big comfy sweater in the weeks before baby S comes. 

I'll have a 26 week bumpdate Vlog up on Wednesday for you, wait until you SEE the fun things that we've been up to in our last week of the 2nd trimester. :) 

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Thank you, PinkBlush Maternity , for sponsoring this post.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

DIY 3x5 OUTDOOR Chalkboard

Good Lord Almighty if I survive this week it will be a miracle! Sunday night I knew I was walking in to one super hectic week, and i'm so happy to see Friday Eve make her appearance. My day job has been absolutely b-a-n-a-n-a-s every single day, and on top of that, i'm not sure if baby is going through some extra big growth spurt or something, but he is wearing mama out! So, by the end of the day I am both mentally exhausted from work, and physically exhausted from this 2 pound coconut taking up space in my torso. How is he going to grow for 3 more months?!

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about the best vacation i've ever had? During that amazing time off we spruced up our front porch and i'm just giddy with how it turned out. One of the projects I knew I wanted to do was a giant outdoor chalkboard that could withstand being outside, and could be changed up to decorate for Holidays & seasons. It came together in a snap, and the entire thing cost us about $25.00. (we already had paint on hand, but if you have to purchase it this giant chalkboard will still only cost about 40 dollars!)


  • (1) 3x5 Backerboard 
  • (3) 1x3 wood planks
  • chalkboard paint
  • trim paint (we used exterior paint for stronger durability)
  • chalk to get designing
  • mounting hardware
  • liquid nails

  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Pans
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Tape measure

This really came together so quickly. We swiped on two coats of chalkboard paint to our giant 3x5 concrete backerboard. This backerboard is made to withstand the elements, so even if it gets wet, it won't rot like wood might.

Then my handsome handy-man measured out the sides for our 1x3's and cut them to fit the perimeter. This will vary depending on how big you make your chalkboard. We chose to just cut them to fit flush, and we didn't miter the ends, but you could certainly do this if you were looking for a more polished look!

Once the paint was totally dry, (we waited overnight) I seasoned the chalkboard using just plain crayola chalk, and got super excited to get designing :) It's important to season your chalkboard because the surface is so porous, if you were to design right away, it would likely leave a shadow behind for all of eternity. By filling in those nooks and crannies now, you're preparing it for easy wiping in the future!

Jake fit the sides to make sure his measurements were correct, and then went outside to paint them with a few coats of bright white exterior paint.

Meanwhile, it was 1402 degrees, so I took it inside to stencil out our first design. It's totally cheating, but it works SO much better than freehand (if you're creatively challenged like myself.) Tutorial to come I promise! You'll love it for all the "ER's" we have coming up :)

Next, Jake attached the trim with liquid nails, attached the mounting hardware, and we hung her up! 

My little carpenter also built this bench for me while we were out, and even though chevron is like an over-played Taylor Swift song at this point, I couldn't help but love the bright contrast. Plus, even when Taylor Swift isn't good, she is still really good. You know?

We are plagued with solicitors in our neighborhood, and I know it will take .5 seconds for me to go full-on mama bear the first time one rings the doorbell when our baby is sleeping, so I figured this was a polite way of saying "shoo-fly don't bother me!"

As a reminder, this is what our front porch started out as when we first moved in:

And the bright and sunny after just fills my heart with joy!

I filmed a quick little 1.5 minute video of the process of us putting this chalkboard together, check it out on my YouTube Channel, or press play below!

Thanks so much for tuning in. If you want to see more on our home, click over here!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

This post has been corrected to reflect that the chalkboard is 3x5 and not 2x3 as previously stated. Get your measurements right, Kylie!