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Monday, January 26, 2015

Girly Office Progress: Making Cheap Bookcases Fabulous

Hey, gals!

Now that we have officially finished the Master Bedroom re-do, we've moved on to the guest room/office. I don't know about you but I have the most ridiculous amount of stuff. Like odds and ends, books, files, mechanical pencils? It's amazing how much we've managed to stuff in this room with not the slightest bit of organization. I wish I had a total before picture to share with you in this room, but all I could find was this instagram from almost 2 years ago. Rest assured though, nothing has happened in this room until recently. 

There is still a long way to go in terms of getting this room together, but I wanted to pop in to share the awesome bookcases we put together which just make me giddy every time I walk in the room!

The bookcases are these from Walmart. Not even kidding, 2 bookcases for $65.00. You can't beat that, even if they are pretty bleh. We gave them a little facelift and now I think they're ready for their audition on America's Next Top Bookcase Model.


I wish I took pictures of laying in the wrapping paper to the back, but it was truly so simple. Pick up a roll or 2 of some pretty paper you love (try Homegoods or TJ Maxx!) and cut it so size of the backing of your bookcase. Before you assemble, use spray adhesive to attach to the backing, and assemble the bookcase as instructed. Couldn't be easier!

Please try to pardon my junk everywhere. :) We did get around to hanging the gallery wall on the opposite side of the room, which is where all those frames on the floor ended up :)

To really bump up the makeover, we added crown molding to the bookcases and I would say this made the biggest impact without a doubt. I just LOVE them! There are 1000 tutorials out there in blogworld (I love this one by my blog-friend Abby!) but I will give you the gist-

You're going to need to cut your trim at perfect 45 degree angles using a miter saw (or you can use a miterbox and hand saw from your hardware store, but I really recommend investing in a miter saw if you can find it in your budget, they're a homeowners best tool!)

When you have your trim measured and ready to go, affix it to the bookcase with wood glue, and use finishing nails to secure it in place.

Use caulk to fill in any gaps, and fill in those nail holes! After the caulk has completely dried, sand it down and paint it a nice bright white!

Then you get to do the fun part, decorate! I love these hound-dog book ends. I can never find beagle anything so I figured this was at least in the hound family so it had to do :)

This little "K" box holds my nail polish collection. Can you believe I found it at Walmart? 14 bucks, y'all!

I haven't finished them quite yet, but those boxes on the bottom shelves are file boxes that hold the most important life-paperwork. and receipts. and just about everything else I never take time to organize. They started as an ugly kraft brown, I can't wait to share how I spruced 'em up!

and that my friends, is that! I still have a long way to go to make this room functional and homey for the few guests we get a year. (come on, friends, Arkansas is great come see us!) I'll be sharing how i'm fixin' up this desk and that glaring blank space in between the bookcases in a few weeks.

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 Thank you so much for coming by today!

Until next Time,
xo Kylie


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Friday, January 23, 2015

Polka Dots, Tulle and Plaid

Sweater: Target (no longer available online) similar in blue! // Red Plaid (old) Similar (on sale!) // Skirt (ebay auction...seriously) really pretty (affordable!) tulle skirt here// My favorite pumps ever are sold out, but there are gorgeous pumps here! // Belt: J Crew (on sale literally 5 years ago) practically the same belt // Earrings: Charlotte Russe (same in Gold)

Ladies, i'm one blogger trend away from #breakingtheinternet today. Polka dots, plaid, and tulle in one outfit? If you're a fellow basic white girl, your head is exploding. ;)

We stopped to take these pictures on our way to church last weekend when it was a drop.dead.gorgeous. 58 degrees in January. I am living for this warm weather! I can't handle Southern winters, unless it's Southern California. I think you can tell by my Edward Cullen tan, this chick hasn't seen the sun in months.

Also, remember last week when I told you these shoes are outworn more than any other item in my closet? I wasn't lying! They're my comfiest pumps and the easiest to throw on with just about any outfit. 

We're supposed to get another round of 50 degree days this weekend, and i'm thinking about breaking out the bikini. What will you ladies be up to this weekend? Anything fun?

If you like this look, you can shop it below!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Talkin' Skincare (& free samples!)

This post is for the girls!

Hope you ladies had an excellent weekend. 

Today I wanted to pop in to give you a little review on some of my favorite new skincare. Have you heard of Modere? Not to fear, I hadn't either!

Basically it's a safe & natural company that wants to make your life easier (and more beautiful!) by providing you with the best skincare, nutrition, hair care, weight management, household cleaning, and oral care. They even have a recently launched mens care line!  

Modere was kind enough to send me their beauty box, which is a beautiful black box filled with skincare & haircare goodies at a drastically discounted price from what they offer on their website. Best part? You can order the beauty box and it comes with a sample of every.single.product that you get to KEEP as well as the full-size eye gel (my favorite product). If you're not loving it? No problem. Send the box back (for free, shipping label included) and you won't be charged a darn thing. It's not a subscription box either. Order when you need it, or if you don't need all the products, you can receive up to $25 dollars off and free shipping as a new customer using code 689508.

PHEWW! So now that we've got that all out of the way, let me give you a totally unbiased review on all of the products. 

Exfoliant: 12.99 retail


This exfoliant is more of a facewash in my opinion, as it doesn't have rough beads that really exfoliate deep. But if you have sensitive skin, this would be just perfect for you. I've been loving it to prep my face in the morning before makeup.

Dual Action Eye Gel: Retail 29.99

This eye gel is my favorite in my Modere beauty box, and the best part is, you can grab one for yourself for FREE (literally..not a single dime. Not even a penny. no shipping. just yours to keep) This is your gift to keep if you do grab a beauty box, and I love the way it reduces puffiness in the morning before I add face-makeup. It's cooling and feels really nice on tired eyes.

Anti-Aging Serum: Retail 39.99

Now, I don't have to worry too much about aging, but I do have some very slight fine lines, and this hydrating serum feels so nice on those areas like my forehead and on my neck. I've used this one the least because of my acne-prone skin, but if your skin needs a boost of anti-aging I think it would be perfect for you. 

Antioxidant Gel: Retail 24.99

This stuff is heaven on your face! This gel is perfect for this time of year because it helps to brighten my dull-winter skin. I would say that it's not quite as moisturizing as I would like, so I definitely need to pair it with a thick moisturizer on my dry skin, but it does feel light and refreshing, and I definitely notice a brighter complexion.  

Antioxidant Hair Serum: Retail 21.99

This serum is without a doubt my favorite product next to the eye gel. A small amount goes a long way, but it's so great for battling frizz! I love it for winter because my hair can get so static-y and this helps balance that. The directions say to work it from root-to-tip, however I wouldn't do that as it is oil-based and might make you look a little greasy ;) I love just the smallest pump worked into my ends for added shine and luster. 

The coolest thing about Modere, other than the great natural products, is the fact that it's a rewards-based shopping experience. There is nothing that makes me as excited as seeing my points rack up at Sephora, and Modere follows an even better model that the more friends you refer, and the more you buy, the more rewards and purchase credits come back to you! (If 3 of your gal-friends want to try the beauty box, you get a $50 dollar shopping credit! completely risk free) I don't know about you, but I love free stuff. :)

The beauty box is a great deal, because you get so many products at such a discount, but I will say (in all transparency to you ladies!) that on their own, I think the products might be a little too pricey. I highly reccomend you head on over to Modere to snag your own beauty box (full of free samples of all of the above, and a free eye gel for you to KEEP!) Remember, if you're not into the products, simply send it back completely 100% free of charge.

Hope you pretty gals have a great week!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

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